Rompin’ Around…

There’s nothing I love more than getting dolled up for a bridal shower. It’s just so much fun to look extra girly, wear tons of pink and florals. So, when I saw this AMAZING romper at H&M I just had to have it! There was only one left and it was a size 10!!! I mean hello, yea I’ve put on a few but it’ll FOR SURE be too big! To my surprise it wasn’t (ugh) and you know I was ok with it…I mean duh now I get to take it home! Don’t let this beauty fool you, she may look like a super short dress but she’s not, she’s definitely a romper. It’s not sold online but if you happen to find one at your local H&M BUY IT!!




Kitty Clutch: ASOS (On sale!)

Shoes: M.Gemi

Dress: H&M but not online

How about this super cute cake?!?! Loved the sweets table but I moved too slow, it was practically all gone when I got to it.



Thank you for stopping by! Hope you have an AMAZING weekend.



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