Summer Kick-Off…

Summer is officially here! It is in full swing and I’m feeling the heat. The older I get the more I start to love summer. Sure, we don’t get 3 months of summer vacations, but it means we have longer days, warm summer nights, and lots of outdoor parties. Before everybody got busy this year we decided to have a little summer fiesta. There’s nothing more I love but to get family and friends together for some food and yes, booze.



Donut wall via ohhappyday



Testing out the little lounge set-up…



My three faves…The two T’s and Bubs.

Letter Balloons: Zurchers

Inflatable Cactus: Zurchers

Pom-Pom Garland: Lurchers (sold out)

Rug: Ikea

Faux Sheepskin: Ikea

Cactus Skirt: Shop & Apparel


He most probably hates me for this…but it’s ok cause he’s SOOO CUTE!!!

What do you love about summer? Love to hear how you enjoy summer.

Thanks for stopping by, see ya around!



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