10 goals for 2016…

Happy New Year lovelies!


The last couple of weeks have been such whirlwind and it’s so sad to see it all gone. Our Christmas tree is sitting in our living room naked…I think I shed a few tears as I took down each ornament. I thought of last year and how we (as a family) had such a rough start to the year…we lost one amazing human being on January 1st…I truly thought the year would be a total bust but with another angel in heaven looking down at us our family celebrated many joys and we grew closer than ever.

Majority of the last few days I thought of what changes I’d like to bring into my life, what goals I’d like to achieve…I really do suck at making changes but it’s a new year so it’s gotta be a new me. So here are my top 10…

1.) Finally change my last name: It’s been one year and 2 months since we got married and my handsome husband loves so remind me almost every day that I haven’t changed my name…This ones for you love!

2.) Complete 4 blog posts a week (this ones gonna be hard): I’ve had a few good runs in the past but this is something that is going to be very difficult. I will have to learn to put time aside…even if I am exhausted after a full work day….and get some posts up. Anything you guys would like to see/read?

3.) Stress less…DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!!!: Oh man! I might have already stressed out a few times this weekend. Every day is a new day right!

4.) Get organized: I’ve purchased my daily planner, have got bins and trays and anything else you can imagine. I WILL be organized as well as my house in no time.

5.) Spend more time with family and friends: We are pretty good at putting aside time for family and friends but in 2015 we slipped a little and we would like to get back on track. Spending time with God-kids and all is very important..they won’t be wanting to hang out with us soon enough.

6.) Have a romantic date night at least a couple times a month:Sure we go out to dinner at least once a week but nothing fancy. I miss those days when we were dating and dinner ALWAYS meant getting dolled up. So yes to more fancy nights out!

7.) Shop less…maybe one great purchase a month: Since I’ve been trying to get organized I’ve come to realize that I have way too many clothes, and  even some with tags on them. So in 2016 I will shop less, and when I do I will make it count. No more random purchases.

8.) Cook more…I received an awesome grocery and meal planning  calendar…thanks G!: As a working girl…I’m sure you can all relate…It’s hard to come home and get dinner ready. But in an effort to get us healthy I am going to start cooking more and meal plan. Any tips?

9.) Makeover our bedroom…we haven’t done a thing with it since we got married…we never even bought furniture!: This has been bugging me for a super long time. Growing up my room was my sanctuary, I use to love getting lost in my room for hours, reading, writing, and usually just having alone time. The goal is to get that back. Besides we are a newlywed couple and we should have a pretty room to sleep in.

…and last but not least…

10.) Follow my heart and find what makes me happy in life….I want to feel happy every morning I wake up and do what I love: I always say “I love my personal life but my professional life needs tons of work.” I hope you don’t think I’m ungrateful. This only means I’d like to find a good balance in my life. My husband deserves the best of me and I feel that with my currant job I’m not myself. It sucks up all my energy and spits me out to my husband completely drained and stressed.This one will take more time but I am willing to give it everything I’ve got!

Now that I’ve posted this on the blog I’m going to have to keep to it…and if i don’t PLEASE remind me! What are your 2016 goals? Are you the type that needs to be reminded to stay on track?

2016 is going to be a great year, I just know it. I can’t wait to see what adventures and blessings are in store for us.

Happy first Monday of the year and thank you for stopping by darlings!



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