Happy Thanksgiving darlings!!!!

I woke-up this morning feeling extremely blessed and grateful for all the amazing people in my life. When life is coming at us in full speed we tend to forget about all the important things, focus on the negative and complete disregard the positives. Lately that has become my daily, but I’ve been making it a point to step back and look at the bigger picture. I have my health, my family, my bully, and mostly I have my handsome husband. Without his love and support I’d be a complete train wreck! So,  starting today I am going to ALWAYS look at the bigger picture, remind myself that life is exactly the way it should, negatives and positives….we gotta learn some how right?





It’s not a holiday unless I go on a last minute errand on the day of!

Sweater: Anthropologie

Shoes: Zara

Leggings: UNIQLO

Bag: Prada


Thank you for stopping by, hope your day is filled with family, love, and LOADS of turkey!!!



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