Happy Friday peeps!!! All I want to do if put on glittered shoes and dance around till I start cramping and my knees start giving out…basically about 10 minutes.

 Ever since we got back from Italy the weeks seem to drag…reality, not so fun. But I’m super excited about this weekend. We will be celebrating my birthday with our friends and family…you know tons of booze and some old school arcade games….SO EXCITED! I’m mostly looking forward to seeing everybody…with everyone’s  growing family it’s hard to get together. 

In just a few days we will be wrapping up June and coast right into July….I love a fresh new month…so many possibilities! I’ve decided that I will…on Sunday…set a few goals to get me back on the horse…a few projects, some personal goals, and of course financial goals…you know less shopping more saving kinda thing (ugh 👎🏻). Fingers crossed I make it through at least a week. 

 Bubs will be working on his meditation…



What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting?

I’ll leave you with a few items I’ve been obsessed with lately…WARNING: lots of cute shoes headed your way!…but they are super affordable.

How sweet are these pineapple flats?!!


        I can’t wait to wear them all!!!! 

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and even more amazing weekend! See you guys on Monday…thanks for stopping by!



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