Chasing bubbles…

Life lately has become incredibly busy and exhausting. With every weekend jam-packed with a million things to do I’m beginning to miss those extremely boring ones…you know the ones where you whine to your husband about how boring we are and we NEVER do anything. Well, seems like we’re not so boring anymore!

Over the weekend we attended a wedding and had brunch with my Cousin G and her family. That was the one thing I was mostly looking forward to. I had prepared an Easter basket for my little sweet pea and I couldn’t wait to give it to her…and of course to squish her and kiss her and love her and listen to all her fun stories. After brunch my handsome husband invited them over to our house…which I’m ALWAYS excited about but since I hadn’t cleaned the house in what looks like a billion years, I was a little mortified and embarrassed. What’s even worse was when we walked into the house my father-in-law and bother-in-law were sitting in the living room…I COULD HAVE JUST DIED!!!! The last thing I ever want is for my in-laws to know that I don’t clean the house EVERY SINGLE DAY. Anyway…get it together HOURIG!


Sweet Pea’s Easter basket…better late than never!

Sweat pea wanted to blow bubbles and since it was hot out I told her that she could do them in the house….and then she explained to me that it will get soapy in the house. I love that a 4-year-old is trying to convince me to not blow bubbles in the house…I figured my floors could use a little soap and water.

Now let me tell you, blowing bubbles is no joke! I was light-headed after the first round but with the look on that little munchkins face…and Rogers…I couldn’t bring myself to stop! Those two together are super cute and I can’t wait to have a little booger of our own running around the house with Bubs.

With the table moved to one side we got to business….


Waiting for the fun the begin!




Roger’s crazy eyes…classic.


Let me at those bubbles!!


And done.

That same day we took Bubs with us to visit friends and let me tell you he was out cold till Monday night…I guess we can consider that a great Sunday for Bubs.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!!



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