A special gift for a special somebody….

Just this weekend my cousin T celebrated her birthday, unfortunately I wasn’t able to partake in the festivities due to my wifely and daughter-in-law duties…sad face!


My cousin T is one of a kind, I know we all say that about the people we love but she really is extra special. Growing up the two of us weren’t exactly best friends or even friends at that….let’s just say I hated her. We couldn’t play together for one second without killing each other…well mostly me killing her cause I was older and she just wanted somebody to play with….I promise I’m not a monster! We are 5 years apart and for some odd reason our moms dressed us like twins…we had these awful Dutch outfits they would buy from Solvang and dress us in them for big parties….THANKS MOM!…I’m sure that only added to my hatred. There’s one story my cousin T loves to tell people, the day she choked on a hot dog. So why not tell you myself and you guys will maybe understand how much I actually hated her…don’t judge me!! When T was maybe 5…making me 10…we were outside in our backyard having hot dogs for lunch, my grandmother was watching us while she cracked her olives…we use to have a GIGANTIC black olive tree….T began to choke and my grandmother rushed over stuck her finger down T’s throat and pulled out the hot dog. While T sat there crying and gasping for air I…apparently…said “I wish you died!” I mean I was only 10 and she did kinda ruined my life by being born.

As we got older we began to get closer, the hatred melted away as if it never existed and a new friendship was born. Last year during all my engagement and wedding hoopla she was truly my rock. I counted on her for everything and she was ALWAYS there, I don’t think I could have done it without her. During that time I began to count down the months, than days to when I would have to move and for the first time in 25 years she would no longer be down the street, those late night coffee dates would be no more, the last-minute shopping trips to Anthro would have to be planned out, just the thought of not having her in my life every day broke my heart.


Master Plan, Q&A, Mug, and Frame: Anthropologie

Trinket dish: Paper Source

On my last night in my childhood home I said “see you tomorrow” as she left to go home. I sat on my bed and felt so empty knowing I didn’t have my baby cousin around the corner. For the first time it hit me that I wouldn’t return back to that same house, I wouldn’t come home after work and find the house full of family gathered around the table. That’s when I regretted not spending every second of my childhood loving that little girl, that little girl who grew up to become the most beautiful and intelligent human being.


I wrote little notes with each gift telling her why I was giving it to her

both from Anthropologie

T…There are no words to describe you but always know I love you with all my heart and soul, you are a gift to this world and to everybody in your life. We are all proud of who you have become and who you will continue be, know that no matter what you choose in life we are all behind you, we are your biggest fans. I’m sorry that you never had another hot dog after that day but I’m sure as hell happy my grandmother saved your life. I love you to the moon and back!

Happy Birthday BUSS!!

(there are some childhood stories I can’t share)


Fox trinket dish: Paper Source 



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