Sorry for being MIA lately, the internet at the house has decided to give up on us along with our fridge. After I spent a Saturday going grocery shopping to stock up our fridge and get back to home cooked meals the damn thing decided to call it quits…thanks for nothing pal! So there’s been a lot of eating out and tons of Golden Girls going on around here…I’m not complaining…well ok maybe a little cause I’d like to get back to the blogging world.

Here are some photos I found on my iPhone from last week…


Tulips I took to my mother-in-law on Easter


Love walking into the living room to find Roger face planted on the couch


This guy wondering what the hell I have pointing at himIMG_2390

Hit up Paper Source to wrap a special birthday gift

IMG_7431Pretzel and a Moscow Mule on a weeknight…we’re wild like that

IMG_7458And this cool guy at the new local bar

I promise I’ll get back to regular posts or at least until our internet decides to die on us again…fingers crossed nothing else gives out on us. Anyhow…hope you guys are all having WONDERFUL week!



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