iPhone rif-raf…

Happy Friday lovelies!!!!

At last the weekend is here, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping!


Eye-boogers and all…that’s just how we roll.

The last two weeks have been EXHAUSTING. I’m not sure what’s gotten into us but we have been going out and staying up late every single night. It all started on St. Patrick’s day, we went out to dinner for my little cousin’s birthday…he turned 24…but when you use to change diapers and bottle feed them as you rocked them to sleep they stay your baby cousin forever. Dinner was at 9:30 and I could hardly keep my eyes open…I’m usually showered and ready for bed by then. But I’m so happy we went out, spending that time with him and his friends was just what I needed. The next day was followed by a surprise lunch at eggslut with my cousin T and the birthday boy…lunches like that are always welcome.


I always carry a little party pack in my purse for occasions just like this.


Yummy Sprinkles cupcakes for the birthday boy…Belgian dark chocolate cake w/Bailey’s Irish cream cheese frosting…DELICIOUS! 

Although the last couple weeks were very draining I enjoyed every waking second. Last night handsome husband and I met at a bar across from the train station and as I walked over to meet him I stumbled upon a little boutique…unfortunately it was closed. Soooo…I did what every normal girl would do…I pressed my nose against the window like a little girl and made mental notes on what I want to try on when I go back over the weekend. Instead of jam packing the weekend I’m gonna take it easy with some relaxing activities….shopping, mani, going out for ice cream…and the rest will be spent with my boys…most likely wiping Rogers eye-boogers every 10 minutes cause his allergies are acting up…I love you Bubs but COME ON!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Hope you all have a kick-ass Friday and an even more awesome-er weekend! I’ll leave you with a few photos from the last two weeks.


eggslut…if you’re in L.A. you MUST try it. Get there early cause the lines gets out of hand!


waiting in line at eggslut…until my cousin T managed to weasel her way to the front…YOU’RE AWESOME T!


Dirty streets of downtown Los Angeles.


Caught this sunrise on my way to work one morning…now if I can only cut down the power lines and street light.

IMG_7350 IMG_7386

I don’t know what it is but he loves getting his face squished while he sleeps. And for a little lazy shit I can’t believe how tired he is…I mean you ONLY sleep all day Bubs!!



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