A healthy lunch…

My goal every day is to cook us a healthy dinner but I’m usually pooped after work and it’s much easier to just order in. However, we are adding on the pounds and it’s putting a dent in our pockets. So over the weekend I made a Trader Joes run and stocked up on everything I will need for the week. As I mentioned on Sunday I wanted to cook lunch at home since we would be going to friends for dinner. My choice of lunch was turkey stuffed bell peppers. I had never cooked with turkey before because I’m not a turkey fan but I gotta say I was pleasantly impressed. 


I didn’t really follow a recipe due to the fact that my HH is pretty particular when it comes to spices and foods. I still looked up a recipe on Pinterest to help guide me…I basically followed the steps but didn’t follow the ingredients.



I wrapped the bell peppers in foil…wasn’t sure if they needed to be individually wrapped so I just wrapped all three together. 

I chopped up the tops of the bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic, half a jalapeño, and chives. NOTE: the recipe called for tomatoes and tomato paste but neither one of us likes tomatoes, but I will try it with a little tomato paste next time because turkey gets dry. After everything was chopped up I put them all into one bowl ready to saute.



While I cooked the turkey and sautéed the veggies I placed the wrapped bell peppers in the oven for 15 minutes.


Caught in action = awkward smile


Bus waiting for me to drop something


I only used salt for the turkey but I think adding Italian seasoning would help with adding more flavor.


Seasoned the veggies with Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper just as the recipe called for. Instead of using olive oil I used coconut oil.

After both the veggies and turkey were done I mixed them together and continued to cook over medium heat. At this time I added more seasoning for extra taste. Once that was done I stuffed each pepper with the mixture. I topped mine with  mozzarella cheese…cause nothing is complete without cheese.


In the oven they went!

While waiting for lunch to cook I made a simple spinach and mixed greens salad with a little olive oil, lemon, and salt. It ended up being a great pairing. Once out of the oven they were ready to eat.


IMG_2754 IMG_2755

Lunch is served!

Handsome Husband actually liked it…I was nervous about this meal. However, we did discuss what changes would be best for next time…horray there’s gonna be a next time, another recipe I can add to the list. Next time I will add extra seasoning, salt, and try to use some tomato paste to take away from the dryness. AND instead of getting the all white meat I will go for the dark and white meat…a little fat will help.

Have you cooked with turkey before? How did you keep it from being so dry? And if you’ve made this particular meal what worked best for you? I’d love to hear!

Thank you for stopping by!



2 thoughts on “A healthy lunch…

  1. I haven’t tried to make it with turkey yet (as i am not fan of) but i will give it a try. The end result looks healthy and delicious. 🙂
    I usually stuff peppers with minced lamb for dinner for example, and for lunch mini peppers stuffed with ricotta cheese and some finely chopped veggies.
    Thank you


    1. You know what I’m not a turkey fan as all but I wanted to shake things up a little. If you do try it go for the half dark and white meat….gonna need some fat. I have never used lamb…actually not so crazy about it due to the smell and taste. Is there a good way to mask it?


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