Sunday vibes…

Sitting around and doing nothing is pretty much a novelty for me….it’s my own fault, I KNOW! I’m such a busy body, my times must be filled with something to do no matter how exhausted I am. For the first time in a long time we had nothing planned for the weekend and after such a hectic week I was glad to be lazy for once. Especially a lazy Sunday.


Yes I’m using my tumbler as a vase because I apparently don’t own many vases.

On Saturday morning I woke up to Bubs fake crying…he’s very good at it cause he gets me every time. Not that he needed anything but he just wanted me to get up and not sleep in…THANKS BUBS!!! The first thing I did was put on a pot of coffee and tried to watch some Golden Girls…btw it’s my favorite show, for x-mas my husband bought me the box set so I can stop complaining about the fact that we actually don’t have CABLE!!!! We have Apple tv and he thinks that’s more than enough…call me crazy but I love live television. Anyway…I wasn’t able to work the stinkin’ Xbox so I began to clean the kitchen, which led to cleaning the fridge, which led to cleaning the living room…you get the idea. At 10:00 a.m. I had my lady appointment…you know where you pay somebody to remove your hair with maximum pain. After the short but EXTREMELY painful appointment I headed over to Trader Joes to stock up our fridge that has been looking sad and empty lately.


HH was dangling a carrot…he’s only this focused when there’s food involved.

Trader Joes. Trader Joes is…whats the word…AWESOME!!! One stop shop. I packed up my cart with flowers, plants, snacks, veggies, fruit, you name it! More than anything I was excited about the beautiful flowers and plants.


After the groceries were put away I decided to tackle our “office” and the room Roger sleeps in…therefore we call it Roger’s room…yes our dog has his own room! Unfortunately I forgot to take a before photo of the rooms but give it 2 weeks and I’ll be able to take one….WAH WAH WAH!


Found Rogers old Halloween jammies while cleaning…couldn’t resist putting it on.

With the house nice and tidy today I figured I’d make us a nice healthy lunch…since tonight we will be heading over to our friends for take-out dinner, an old tradition we’ve been trying to keep up with since we got married. I’ll have our Turkey stuffed Bell Peppers up soon…I actually took photos  and I’m excited to share.

For now I’m gonna enjoy the cool breeze coming through the windows, listening to Muddy Waters with my handsome husband and Bubs. A perfect Sunday.

Hope your weekend is winding down on a great note.


Roses from Trader Joes



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