Just checkin’ in…

First of all I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already…but no complaints!!

Last night I packed up my bags and Roger…and all his toys, treats, food, powders/ointments…I tell you this dog has more crap then I do. Anyway…we headed to my parents for a couple of nights since my handsome husband is away on business…I miss him already!

So to keep myself busy I poped into CVS…a desperate attempt to waste time and get away from work…and picked up some new polish…I think I may be addicted. With spring around the corner I wanted to pick out every single pastel color but I know I would never use it. However I did give in to a very light white-ish blue…is that even a color? Whatever! A magazine and some gummy bears…they didn’t survive the walk back.

Left: Essie recessionista

Top: Essie find me an oasis

Right: Essie clambake

Can’t wait to wear them all….maybe not at the same time…but you know what I mean!

I guess this is gonna be a short post…just wanted to say hi. So…HI, and I hope you all have a SUPER AWESOME Wednesday!!!



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