Forgotten photos…

While cleaning out my files to make room I came across a few photos from a day trip we took to Victoria Beach in Laguna last August for our engagement photos…these photos didn’t make the cut and I completely forgot about them until last night!

IMG_5579This didn’t make the cut cause my necklace flipped and it DRIVES me crazy!


Dress: old Anthropologie

Necklace: old Anthropologie

Shoes: old Nordstrom by Hinge

Jacket: old Anthropologie



Yea…that’s my sexy man back there…love him to pieces.

IMG_5892My two favorite butts!!!

It was Rogers first time at the beach, we weren’t sure how he would react to it but after his first wave he was pretty much obsessed! Lot’s of salty water licking and barking at crashing waves.


After a few hours Bubs was pretty much over it, he decided to sabotage our photo but jokes on him…this photo actually made the cut and was displayed at our wedding. I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos from our engagement shoot with Armen Poghosyan…the sweetest most amazing photographer….but that’s for later.


Roger passed out on the way home…poor guy was covered in sand.

For now…have a beautiful day and thanks for swinging by!



4 thoughts on “Forgotten photos…

  1. I love love antropologie.. I love their house stuff as well..plates, baking dishes, everything. I think your outfit is pretty amazing 🙂 made me miss of summer.


    1. Thank you Eve! For the first time in a long time I’m getting excited about summer…it’s usually not my favorite season. I’m obsessed with Anthro…and the home stuff is just the right amount of girly that my husband doesn’t mind having around…I try to keep the house pretty male friendly.

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