OMG it’s Friday…..

Happy Friday world!!! I’m beyond excited that it’s Friday!! Sorry for all the yelling I can’t contain myself!

Roger is excited it’s Friday that he’s giving away free kisses…just make sure you have syrup breath first!

During the week my handsome husband and I couldn’t stop talking about how we didn’t have one single obligation all weekend. We planned to spend the entire weekend together doing all the things we use to do when we were dating. However, my dreams of a lazy/fun-filled  weekend was short-lived when my mama called to remind me of the bridal shower I said I would attend…COME OOOOON!!!! But it’s ok, cause instead of being completely bummed out I decided I would make the best of it…now I can get dolled up for a few hours…who doesn’t like multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day?!

I decided on some vintage Anthropologie pieces that I LOVE but never get to wear. And since the weather is gonna be amazing this weekend I can shed the coats and jackets and just look darling….I’m already looking forward to sharing some photos with you!

Since Saturday is basically a lost cause I’ve made plans for us on Sunday. When my handsome husband was just my stud muffin of a boyfriend we use to hang out around town in Pasadena…hit our favorite coffee shop…walk to the farmers market…and hang out at a local bar…oh and bonus there’s a great Anthropologie close to the farmers market. I miss those days and I would love nothing more but to relive them with my new hubby…and of course Bubs.

BUT first BREAKFAST…you know some delicious eggo waffles, OJ…and of course a cup of coffee…cause I gotta organize all my thoughts and actually make it through the day. Hope you all have a beautiful Friday..and if you’re in L.A….get out and enjoy the fabulous weather we are about to have this weekend!




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