Terrible two’s….

Our little fart machine turned 2 today!!!!

Getting that party hat on was not an easy task…that’s about all the workout I need for the next week

Roger was a birthday gift for me from my handsome husband..when he was just my stud muffin of a boyfriend. This wonderful man of mine told me to get dressed one morning late April and we drove an hour and a half away to meet our little monster. We had originally drove out to see one of his brothers but by the time we got there somebody had already called dibs. The breeder apologized and said she had one more male left. My husband was totally bummed since he had already had his heart set on the other puppy. But as soon as she brought out Roger it was love at first sight. He was calm and extremely loving. He crawled right into my lap and was already melting my heart….you would think the breeder had a little pep talk with him before she brought him out “listen…this is your chance for a family…turn up the cuteness!”

                                                                          Roger at 8 weeks

It was a done deal! This little guy would be ours. We put down the deposit and would pick him up at 10 weeks! Those 2 weeks were the longest 2 weeks of my life. We read every book about English Bulldogs, what to do when you first bring home a puppy, what we need before he comes home….you’d think we were bringing home a real baby. Well…bringing home Roger was like bringing home a newborn baby. Neither one of us realized how much work goes into raising a puppy…sleepless nights…early feedings…midnight potty breaks…OMG the list goes on!!!

Fastforward…2 years later. He’s grown into the funniest character…his eyebrow alone are hilarious. Having Roger in our lives has been such a blessing. This ball of blubber keeps us on our toes, he’s a true clown, and has really taught us a thing or two about responsibility. He truly has been great practice for our future….you know when it comes to babies…the REAL deal.

              The day we picked up Roger…he peed in that sink 4 times in less than 10 minutes
                                                   Naps with papa…check out that belly!
How could you ever get mad at that face?!

Last year I surprised Roger with doggy cupcakes but since then we’ve put him on a very strict diet. Instead he got extra dinner…we usually weight out his dinner but not tonight! We took him to a local pet store and let him sniff around before we picked up a few new toys. He was so excited he ran out the door and straight to the car so he can start playing with his new toys. Back at home he had some bison treats and went back to his new toys. If Bubs could talk he would most definitely say he had the best birthday ever.

 IMG_7147 IMG_7145IMG_7141

IMG_7144 IMG_7140

Happy 2nd Birthday Bubs! We love you to the moon and back – xoxo



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