Missing my stinky boy…

Yes, it’s ONLY Tuesday and I’m ready for the weekend! I always hate the beginning of the month, it gets insanely busy at work and I always feel like I’ve been hit by bus.

So…to make it through the day I’ve been flipping through my photos and I came across these photos of Bubs.

    I swear he thinks he’s a cat

Fatty McFatty is always table side during dinner…hoping we drop our plates…or even a crumb.

Looking at photos of my baby boy always puts a smile on my face…I swear I’m normal!

This past Saturday we took Roger to the one and only bulldog specialist in CA for a limp he’s been sporting for two months. Handsome husband and I thought it might be his hip since bullies are known for having horrible hips. Turns out this little bulldozer has a torn ligament in his knee. When we told my cousin T she said…”what?!? He has a knee?!” I totally broke my heart! I felt like the worst pet parent EVER!!! If I wasn’t a crazy mama before I definitely am now…non stop hovering!!! Since he is just 2 years old the Dr. recommended we get it fixed ASAP…that means surgery…that means mama might lose it!

So the search has begun and we are looking for the best and I do mean the BEST orthopedist in town. If you know of one I’d love to get some information.

For now we will play…calmly…and try not to lose our minds over it…mostly me cause Roger and hubby think it’s nothing but a sports injury. Again…I swear I’m normal!

A face only a mother could love.



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