Chickens & Horses & Longhorns…Oh my!

This weekend my handsome husband and I packed up Roger and headed to my parents little ranch. With not much to do we ate, napped, took walks, and played with the chickens…well Bubs jut chased them around until he got pooped. We anticipated rain all day Saturday but we go lucky and were able to enjoy the day outside.


Since my parents aren’t living there full-time they don’t keep animals other than chickens…so we loaded up a bag full of carrots and took a walk up the road to see the horses and longhorns…oh! even a couple of donkey’s who did little back kicks to show off.

Longhorn…check out the baby and mama in the background.
Horse lovin’

We were very curious to see what Bubs would do around the horses but I gotta say he was much more into the bag of carrots. However, he did get a wet horsey kiss…


Kisses for Bubs
My boys…love them to pieces

On our way back to the house I stood still for a moment to take it all in. I watched my parents walking together miles ahead, my handsome husband and Bubs, and my cousin T…who I had to beg all week to come. I thought about how much I loved each and every one of them…immensely.  They bring such happiness into my life and to have them all for the weekend under one roof was heaven!

At the last-minute T and I turned around to say goodbye to the horses and witnessed the most BEAUTIFUL setting…are you ready for this?


No filters! Can you believe it?!?!

Mother nature at its best!!! A perfect ending to a perfect day.



Oh…wait! And this photo because it’s too funny and I love his face.

He runs pretty fast for a fatty

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