February 24, 2011….

Four years ago today was probably one of the most significant day’s in my life. I remember it like it was just yesterday. It was a boring Thursday and the only thing I was excited about was the weekend…not cause I had super fun plans but just because it’s the weekend and that always makes everything better. I received a call and life went into slow motion, not cause it was bad news but because it was the GREATEST news of all time! My cousin was labor and we would finally meet the little sweet pea. I swear she was the cutest thing you ever did see…and i’m not just saying that cause I love her to pieces but because she REALLY was the cutest baby EVER!!!! I never thought I could love somebody so much, and especially somebody who didn’t belong to me but I did…I do. My cousin isn’t just family, she is the only constant in my life…without her I probably wouldn’t have made it through my teens…and we all know how awful that was! So, this baby wasn’t just any baby, she was the baby we spoke about when we dreamed of our future families…she was proof that life was happening no matter what. This weekend my handsome husband and I had the three of them over for brunch…papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear (birthday girl)…and it was truly the best Sunday. With the rain coming down we huddled around our tiny little dinning table for some chocolate chip dippers, quiche, mini pancakes for the birthday girl…and a mimosas for the big kids…whats brunch without mimosas right?! The best part of the day was watching her open her birthday gift…hubby and I decided on a teepee from LandofNod. As excited as she was I think the four of us were the most excited….I mean come on! A teepee…seriously I WANT ONE!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

We love you.




Sorry for the horrible photo, I promise i’ll get better.

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